Fulldive is a startup that provides VR, browser, network privacy programs such as AD-block VPN, and other entertainment apps available on Google Play and App Store. Fulldive also provides Game Console emulator, secure VPN service, and a variety of other apps to improve your daily mobile experience.

Support Flow

The Fulldive Support Flow discord bot is a great way to connect users from your applications to your community. This allows users to easily contact and receive help or information and get help with any issues they may be having. The bot is easy to configure and provides great flexibility and control. iOS and Android integrations are implemented in form of library which are very easy to integrate into any modern app. The Pro version even comes with a server that cleans up old topics, so your discord server is always up-to-date and convenient for everyone.

NFT Gate

The Fulldive NFT Gateway Bot allows Discord owners to create secret channels for community members who own NFT from a specific collection. It provides your user with a sense of exclusivity. If a user has a unique NFT, the NFT Gateway bot can add him to a private channel. This NFT will be withdrawn from the channel if the user sells or burns it. The goal of developing the NFT Gateway bot was to automate the process of establishing a gated community.


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