Access to channels

The Fulldive NFT Gate bot regulates access to private Discord channels based on holding the NFT token


Automate the process of establishing a gated community. Once NFT is sold, access is removed automatically


Your customers feel special because they own an exclusive NFT, which is the key to your private channel

Based on NFT

Create secret channels for community members who own NFT from a specific collection

Community grow


NFT based

Exclusive experience

Fulldive support



An all new web experience

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An all new web experience

How to install Fulldive NFT Gate Bot

1. Add the NFT Gate bot to your server
2. Provide appropriate authorizations to the bot
3. Enter the bot's credentials, private channel IDs and NFT collection contract address
4. Use the Fulldive cloud server to provide your users with monitoring and wallet verification

Single collection setup


20% discount billed annually
Everything in Packages:
  • Single NFT collection
  • Single private channel
Multi collections setup


20% discount billed annually
Everything in Packages:
  • Up to 10 NFT collections
  • Unlimited private channels
  • Support from Fulldive