Support flow is a client-side system for supporting users, which provides fast technical and consultative assistance. The system operates through Discord bots and requires minimal setup and integration efforts. It can be integrated into both mobile applications and websites. After implementing and configuring the support flow, users can quickly contact the project team through the chat and attach additional materials to their messages, such as photos, screenshots, files, links.

Boost Product Quality

All messages from end-users will come directly to the Discord server, where team members and technical support can react quickly. This significantly increases the service level and overall product quality. Support flow is the ideal solution for small product teams, startups, companies, and projects that require a quick feedback system from users.

Mobile and Web

Can be paired with mobile applications and websites

Works Fast

Automation process with rapid responses. No extra code needed

Easy to Setup

Just add the bot to your server and setup the library on the client side

Extra Features

Optionally has an ability to clean up outdated topics

How to install

Add the Support Flow bot to your server
Provide appropriate authorizations to the bot
Add Fulldive Support Flow library to your client

Single collection setup


20% discount billed annually
  • Chat for mobile and web
Multi collections setup


20% discount billed annually
  • Chat for mobile and web
  • Attachments in the chat
  • Utility that cleans outdated topics

Technically Simple

Care with Ease

To Be Thoughtful

Mobile and Web

Support with Discord

Fast and Easy

Fast and Easy

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An all new web experience