Fulldive extensions / forked apps

Fulldive extensions / forked apps
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What are Fulldive Extensions?​

Fulldive extensions are individual apps that are separated from the main Fulldive browser but each of these apps has unique functions that can support your browsing experience on Fulldive.

Fulldive extensions can be downloaded as independent apps on the Google Play store and will be detected and connected to the main app if you have both the Fulldive browser app and any of the extension apps installed on your device.

Customization of browsing functions and features has been developed for years and our avid community of developers has created a vast library of open-source extensions allowing for even more personalization and functionality.

​Note that all of the extension apps are free and open-source.

What are the extension apps?​

Full AdBlock VPN

Full AdBlock VPN efficiently blocks ads, trackers, and malware from all apps on your phone, saves your data plan, speeds up your device, and protects your privacy. Originally forked from Blokada, an app by blokada.org.

  • How is the app monetized? By selling my data?
    Currently, we do not monetize AdShield at all. If you want to support us - try our Fulldive Browser.​
  • How about my privacy? Do you use my data?
    We do not receive any data from AdShield you use. It’s all kept locally on your device. Logs are used to detect what kind of ads were blocked. You can easily clean logs by pressing the Clean button on the menu.
  • Why is it called VPN? Can I use another VPN app?
    AdShield uses VPN service to detect connections from other apps, compare them to the blocklist, and interrupt suspicious requests. This is how it works. Unfortunately, you can not use another VPN app together with AdShield.
  • Is AdShield a real VPN? Seems it just uses DNS crypt.
    No, it isn’t. For a real VPN try our Full Tor VPN. AdShield blocks ads. We are working on combining these two apps.
  • Why do I still see some ads?
    Ads are divided into two types: Allowed (like on youtube) and not allowed. Allowed are ads not placed in most of the blocklists. But you still can try other blocklists where we have a huge list of them. Go to Advances -> Blocklists -> All. You can also block some ad sources manually from your Activity by tapping on any green shielded activity ->  Add to blocked. But be aware, it may lead to instability for some apps.
  • Why is my network connection so slow while using AdShield?
    AdShield checks all connections you make and compare them with all sites from active blocklists. It takes some time. The more blocklists are activated, the lesser the connection speed. We recommend choosing one or two blocklists for a decent speed.
  • Which one of all these blocklists should I use?
    We recommend two of them: Combined Privacy Block List (Advanced -> Blocklists -> All tab) and standard OISD. They should resolve most of the issues. But you can still try it out and find a better blocklist combination for your case.
  • I play a game where I need to watch some ads, but AdShield blocks it.
    You can add any of your apps to the whitelist (Advanced -> Apps)
  • The list of apps that should never be blocked is empty. What should I do?
    We do know about this issue and we will fix it soon.
  • Can I use AdShield on Chromebook/Android Auto/Android tv?
    We do not guarantee it works properly since we do not support those platforms.
  • Can I increase the protection level? Right now it is medium.
    Yes, we will add this feature soon.
  • You build this app from the Blokada app to sell out my data. Is that true?
    AdShield is a fork of the Blokada app since it's an open-source project. But after all, we will develop AdShield in our own secure and protected way.
  • Looks like a lot of things that I don’t want (Firebase and AWS) are passed through. What is it and why is it not blocked?
    Firebase is a Google cloud service, it is used by most Android apps by default. AWS is an Amazon cloud service. We do not recommend blocking it manually because it can break some of your apps and websites.
  • This is a great app! How can I support you?
    Thanks! We will appreciate it if you use our other apps such as Fulldive Browser.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3lpbTQy

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/FulldiveExtension.AdShield

Original source: https://github.com/blokadaorg


Full Roid

Full Roid emulator is a super fast and full-featured game emulator that can run hundreds of supported gaming consoles on the broadest range of Android devices. It emulates nearly all aspects of the real hardware. It is free and open-source. Originally forked from Lemuroid, an app by Swordfish90.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3IdoZKH

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/FulldiveExtension.FullRoid

Original source: https://github.com/Swordfish90/Lemuroid

Full Tor

Full Tor helps you protect online privacy, access blocked websites and apps, watch blocked videos, accelerate games, and bypass firewalls using DNSCrypt, Tor, and Purple I2P protocols. Originally forked from InviZible, an app by Gedsh.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3ltajNB

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/FulldiveExtenstion.Hide

Original source: https://github.com/Gedsh/InviZible



DataGuard helps you block data access to certain apps so that you can prevent web attacks and protect yourself from unwanted access to the internet. Originally forked from NetGuard, an app by M66B.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3Egg5JI

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/FulldveExtension.DataGuard

Original source: https://github.com/M66B/NetGuard

Full Security

Full Security protects your privacy by scanning your device for spyware or adware-infected apps and files. Secure your device against phishing attacks from emails and infected websites. Originally forked from antimalwareapp, an app by projectmatris.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3lqjTB4

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/FulldiveExtenstion.Antimalware

Original source: https://github.com/projectmatris/antimalwareapp

Dive for Reddit

Dive for Reddit reader is an unofficial browser for Reddit to browse, read, upvote & downvote posts, and keep up with trends on Reddit. Originally forked from Red Reader, an app by Quantum Badger.

Download here: https://bit.ly/31kkE7N

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/FulldiveExtension.DiveForReddit

Original source: https://github.com/QuantumBadger/RedReader

Dive SMS

Dive SMS is a revolutionary messaging app. We are making texting a fun and rewarding experience, not like any other texting messaging app! Originally forked from qksms, an app by moezbhatti.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3ro0vZ6

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/DiveSMS

Original source: https://github.com/moezbhatti/qksms

Full Cleaner

Full Cleaner cleans your phone's memory cache from junk files, optimizes your phone speed, boosts the performance of your phone, and saves your battery. Originally forked from LTECleanerFOSS, an app by TheRedSpy15.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3DcRtQM

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/FulldiveExtension.JunkRemover

Original source: https://github.com/TheRedSpy15/LTECleanerFOSS

Full Launcher

Full Launcher is a powerful, customizable, and versatile home screen replacement. Full Launcher enhances your home screens but still keeps a great, user-friendly interface. Make your home screen to be cleaner and enjoy a faster home launcher. Originally forked from Lawnchair, an app by Lawnchairapp.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3dbATGq

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/FulldiveExtension.FullLauncher

Original source: https://github.com/LawnchairLauncher

Full Blue Light Filter

Full Blue Light Filter is used to reduce blue light by adjusting the screen to natural color. Shifting your screen to night mode can relieve your eyes strain, and your eyes will feel at ease during night reading. Also, a blue light filter will protect your eyes and help you sleep easily. Originally forked from Red Reader, an app by Quantum Badger. Originally forked from Red Moon, an app by LibreShift.

Download here: https://bit.ly/3xKkguQ

Forked repository: https://github.com/fulldiveVR/FulldiveExtension.ScreenDim

Original source: https://github.com/LibreShift/red-moon

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